Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trying To Connect The Dots

1. The fascists desperately want their world war on for many reasons. The plans to turn the world upside down in order to reshape it have been on the agenda for a long, long time. (Remember Rice's "birth pangs of a new middle east"?) The reason why the fascists have been unconcerned about the US economy is that it will be destroyed and replaced with a new unit of currency called the "amero" within a new political system called the North American Union. Order out of chaos, and all that. The war will be nuclear and engulf the entire globe in a gigantic clash of civilizations with the progenitor being christians vs muslims.

2. To precipitate this obscenity the fascists need to have a defining "event" take place that will generate such revulsion and hatred not only among americans but among christians worldwide, something that they and the disgusting MSM will use to whip up enough righteous indignation and bloodlust that they can then use nuclear weapons on entire nations. This false flag attack will be created by the fascists themselves and blamed on designated patsies. It would probably, but not necessarily, be radiological in nature to further allow retaliation in kind.

3. Just before Easter the CIA released another bogus tape from long dead Bin Laden, having him accuse the pope of leading a new crusade against Islam.

You may see where I'm headed here.

4. A medieval priest called St Malachy who had visions of the future laid out a list of popes from his times in the 1100s until the end of the church, and possibly the world. He described each with some noticeable trait and many have noticed how accurate his list was over the years. The 111th pope, this one, he labeled Gloria olivae, and according to Malachy he was to be the devil incarnate and the last one. If people understood what the present individual stands for I'm sure very few would consider him pious. In some accounts there's a 112th pope who was added by the Olivetan monks because they apparently didn't like being associated with the antichrist.

"However, in the 1820 printed version of Malachy's prophesies, Lignum Vitre (written in 1559 by a Benedictine historian, Arnold Wyon), a 112th pope appears that was not in Malachy's original manuscript. The 112th pope was added by the Olivetan monks. The Order of St. Benedict claims this final pope will come within the Benedictine Order, and that he was placed in the secession line because St. Benedict himself prophesied that before the end of the world, his Order will triumphantly lead the Catholic Church in its battle against evil (the Battle of Armageddon)."

All popes assume names. Ratzinger chose Benedict XVI. He may be an amalgam of the 111th and 112th.

5. The pope will lead mass this Sunday at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, starting ostensibly at 2:30 in the afternoon, apparently after giving his blessing to the fascist handiwork at ground zero.

6. Yankee Stadium is scheduled to be demolished at the end of the 2008 season, and appears to be still insured.

7. The fascists are a cult who's origins go very far back in human history. They use contemporary religions as a smokescreen while they observe esoteric rites and practices that might seem arcane to our understanding but are deadly serious to them. One of the high holy periods for them is the middle of April where in the recent past some very ugly and suspicious "events" have transpired - Waco, the V Tech shootings, Oklahoma City, Columbine. From all appearances this is the time of the solar cycle where human sacrifice makes a difference for them somehow.
They also seem to need to do their dirty work coinciding with star alignments. If you use astronomical software to go back to times of huge events at aupicious places such as NY on 9/11, you'll see stars at very specific locations in the sky, again and again. Stars that are important to the cult include Sirius and the belt of Orion, and certain degrees of position mean a great deal too, like 33° and right at the horizon.

Sirius satellite radio will carry the mass

On Sunday Sirius and Orion are above NY but I lack the software right now to see at what position exactly.

8. Murdering the pope possibly along with thousands of others would be the defining moment for the fascists to unleash what they've had planned for a long time. There isn't another figurehead for christianity in the world like him, no one even close. Flames of outrage would be furiously fanned as the MSM would launch into payback mode and this criminal government would do what it does best - it would begin devastating war wherever in the world it deemed necessary to obliterate opposition to it's and Israel's hegemony. Military forces have been manouvered into place for years and preparations have been complete for some time to dismantle Syria and pulverize Iran, to destroy Pakistan and decimate the Horn of Africa. The murdering scum have nothing to fear from the american people because they've spent the years since 9/11 erecting their police state and the camps are well oiled and ready.
They've only been waiting for their big moment.

Apparently I'm not the only one who sees this.


Added - So apparently my assumptions were wrong, and I'm glad that no false flag event was staged. But the fascists WILL have their war, that's a certainty, and it's only a matter of time before something happens that will justify their filthy agenda.