Wednesday, April 26, 2006


"The civil war storyline is intended to divert attention from the bloody subjugation of the Iraqi people by a foreign military. This is the real story of the Iraqi conflict. The current malaise in Iraq is reducible to three bullet-points; occupation, occupation, and occupation. Any departure from this essential narrative is simply false.
American Intelligence services are involved in every area of the present hostilities. Author Max Fuller (“Crying Wolf: Media disinformation and Deaths squads in Occupied Iraq”) has documented how CIA operatives have not only trained the Iraqi death squads operating in the Interior ministry, but created a high-tech facility with data banks of the names of potential targets for future attacks.
Does that sound like civil war or a pretty well-thought out scheme for plunging the country into chaos?"
Slaughterhouse by Mike Whitney

All of the violence and chaos since the invasion began has been blamed on everyone and everything else ..... but the US military and their zionist string pullers. Let's see, there were the looters, Baathists, the dead - enders (whatever that meant), al queda, Zarqawi, foreign nationals and the current term insurgents. (As if there were a legitamate government to insurge against.) Did I forget anyone?

Who benefits from muslim on muslim violence? Not the muslims. Who benefits from a divided Iraq? Not the Iraqis. To what end is a marketplace or a mosque blown up and innocent people slaughtered? Qui bono?

The occupation is indeed the root of it all. These are some of the tricks they use to make you think it's not:
Make believe the looting was spontaneous.
Encourage sectarian violence by blowing each side up.
Erect a phoney potemkin satrapy and pretend legitimacy.
Pretend the opposition to it is un-iraqi.
Then pretend to be there to ensure it's viability.
Plant some vague stories about withdrawal. (while building massive bases).

Always blame the victim. Meanwhile the slaughter continues.


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