Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Maintaining the 9/11 Fiction

There's a firestorm brewing around revelations in Bob Woodward's new book "State of Denial" that Kindasleazy Rice brushed off CIA chief George Tenet when he worriedly came to her with evidence of impending attacks. She says it never happened, he says he's got documents to prove it. The official fairy tale that the fascists have to stick to is that 9/11 happened out of the blue and no one saw it coming. Or as Justin Raimondo at Antiwar put's it:
"An odd apologia indeed: We're clueless, therefore blameless."

On the face of it it just seems like more denial from the usual pack of liars, but I have real problems with narratives like these. Fleshing out the official storyline about Black Tuesday, you always get to the Al Qaeda subtext, where a shadowy international terrorist group planned and carried out 9/11. Maintaining that fiction is the core of the big lie that surrounds what happened five years ago. Hell, it's the chief ingredient of the toxic fascist stew that we're being force fed today.

The propagandists are very careful to make it seem as if there are conflicts between factions in the government while buttressing that Al Qaeda mythology. We've been led down these blind alleys with a series of small revelations that big media makes a huge fuss over, but which turn out to be nothing more that deliberate red herrings. Rather than a watchdog press, we have a completely corrupted administration megaphone.
Clinton's supposed reluctance to strike at Osama was the centerpiece of the recent ABC/Disney propaganda flick "The Path to 9/11". Lots of squawking and jawboning back and forth ensued after that execrable garbage as to who was a more macho terrist fighter, Bush or Clinton, but again the Al Qaeda superstitions were reinforced in the public arena.

Osama Bin Laden was always a CIA asset, acting according to a script throughout the nineties leading up to 9/11. On that day I was struck about 10 in the morning, with the TV on and while furiously surfing around and saving initial reports, by the realization that the media was pounding home the prepared, official lie that Osama was behind what we were seeing. His name was chanted endlessly from then on to strengthen the belief that we were under attack from outside forces. They used their precious window of our vulnerability to plant the disinformation that enables the fascists to continue with their aganda.

But the propagandists have to re-inject us with the terrorist myth, so we've seen plenty of false flag attacks and phony booga booga. The only international terrorist organizations extant are the ones set up and maintained by spook agencies a la the CIA/Mossad/M15 nexus. Look at it like how the drug war, that other counterfeit farce, is played. Sure, there may be a few bit players here or there, but the real cartels and heavy hitters are the government agencies with their unlimited resources, and they don't put up with any competition.

So when controversy swirls around some minor aspect of 9/11, or who said what to whom, or when which people knew whatever, the basic pretext of Al Qaeda is never touched. As a matter of fact because of it's a priori existence it's integrity, along with the veracity of the whole fraudulent 9/11 fairy tale, is strengthened. The bogus reasons for what happened that day are cemented a little deeper in people's minds especially since it's receding into the past. And the real perpetrators are breathing a whole lot easier.


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