Monday, November 06, 2006

The Saddam Farce

Joe Quinn at Signs of the Times has an excellent overview of the stage play which just happened to culminate two days before the US midterms.

When "Saddam" was supposed to have been captured just about three years ago some things just didn't seem right. Of course was stuff like those ripening-out-of-season dates in one of the few stills released to general consumption. But it was the staginess of the production that didn't sit well with me. Over the next few days all the trite minutiae seemed like it had been hammered out well in advance, tested by focus groups and then packaged for timely delivery. To label the information releases controlled is very much an understatement.

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the money shot

Most of all it's been the consistant humiliation factor which stands out to me. The "rat hole", a dentist sticking his fingers in the mouth, underwear pictures, talk of mental breakdown and peeing on himself. If the propagandists wanted to paint a portrait of defeat to the Iraqis (those who actually believed all this) and the home audience, I don't know what else they would have done.

As with 9/11, the phony Al Qaeda boogyman and this election farce our mind control freaks seem to enjoy presenting their extravaganzas to us while they quietly proceed with their agenda. If the real Saddam is currently enjoying a cigar at his lakeside Belarus retreat while a hapless doppelganger gets dragged back and forth in front of us, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
By the way, the appeals process for the dude will take two years before any execution takes place, just in time for the presidential Diebold selection process on '08.

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