Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bush is in trouble. Take cover.

Here's the problem we face. Most people just want to get on with their lives. We all have hopes for the future and work hard to live our dreams. Our work drains us, family and friendships take up a lot of energy, the bills need to be paid, we all have health issues. Probably for most people there isn't much time to pay attention to politics.

"Bush is in deep trouble. That means we will have to bear whatever dodge he uses in his attempt to escape accountability. They all duck responsibility the same way. They get a hold on our destinies. They use our lives as foils for the practice of their ideology."

But despotic scumbags have a way about them that won't allow others around them to just live their lives. They're constantly scheming and plotting to insert themselves and their designs into our existence. They're always on the attack, always planning several moves ahead, attempting to keep others confused while they manipulate events.

After 9/11 we know what the criminals are capable of and willing to do. They put the pedal to the metal with their agenda of world control. Now that their orchestrated nightmare is coming under fire from all directions it's an absolute certainty that they will pull another 9/11 on us. Jerry Mazza from Online Journal thinks it will go nuclear this time:

"In fact, the real danger here is that an administration in danger of extinction itself for its wars, its financial bungling, its corruption, its catastrophic Katrina, its trillions in tax cuts for the rich and subsequent debt, its utterly inhumane cuts to social services, in short, its horrible five years . . . the real threat is that this administration will use this go-real nuclear holocaust to blame on Al Qaeda, and get itself off the hook and hanging platform, and elevate national terror into a national state of emergency, eliminating all democracy, with a call for martial law, under Der Bush & Company"

I agree. When the synthetic "terror" event or events happen, it has to set the stage for the US arsenal to unleash it's own nuclear capabilities.

Of course, shilling-for-the-fascists websites like Newsmax and WorldNetDaily have been priming the Al Queda pump for years. Just like in the minutes after 9/11, the controlled media will jump on the Fanatical Muslim angle and sadly most overworked and fearful people will believe it. And we will be manipulated by our own government using our own tax money yet one more time.

Like it or not the politics will be forced down our throats.


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