Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm With Stoopid

Haha - Allan Uthman takes a good look at new white house spokesdroid Tony Snow and comes away somewhat underwhelmed.

"I’m looking forward to watching Tony Snow work as the new White House Press Secretary for a number of reasons. For one, Scott McClellan just wasn’t very good at it. With all his steely-eyed glares and vicious smiles, McClellan just made it look painful, and he never lost the palpable impression of someone who had been promoted to a job he didn’t want because his boss quit, and whose soul was being poisoned by his work. Plus he had the natural charm of a tarantula.
Snow, on the other hand, is a better choice by far. He has a camera-ready smile and his experience as a media shill makes him sympathetic to the press. This makes Fox News’ status as an extension of the White House official. But there’s one fact above all that makes Snow the perfect hire: He’s an idiot.
I don’t mean just that I disagree with Snow on most issues. What I’m saying is, he’s just really stupid. This is a huge plus for him in his new job, just as it was at Fox.
Think about it. One of McClellan’s major drawbacks was his rapid, unemotional delivery of denials and obfuscations, which sent a clear message to reporters and the public: “We both know this is bullshit, but I get paid serious money to say it.”


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