Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hezbollah Rockets Can't Be Fired From Houses (Like The One In Qana)

But the IDF would prefer that you didn't know it.

"The type of missiles being fired by Hizbullah at Israeli cities cannot be fired from within houses, mosques, hospitals or even UN facilities as has been suggested by the IDF. Due to the massive "back-blast" caused by the rocket launchers of these missiles, they can only be fired from open ground. To fire them from within a building would result in the instant death of the missile crew and probable destruction of the missile before launch. Most of the missiles are truck-mounted and are fired - on open ground - from the backs of flat-bedded trucks or larger four-wheel-drive vehicles."


Israel Turns Southern Lebanon Into Rubble.

Israeli artillery sits on the border and has fired 50,000 shells into Lebanon's villages.


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