Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What The Fools Believe

In my existence I've rarely seen the levels of sheer outright idiocy than the reaction of the determined ignorati to the carnage in the middle east. It's like the insistant stupidity of the Bush Cargo Cult, which looks at a moronic failure and sees a heroic war savior, only it's worse. With Sockpuppet there's Rove, slick propaganda efforts and a prostrate media. In Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon there's only blood and naked suffering. With a million displaced people, an entire country being destroyed and possibly thousands killed and more on the way, this poses a real problem for the fascist apologencia.

I decided to hold my nose and do a scatological survey of how the little brown shirts try to fit the square pegs of reality into the round holes of ideology.Sorry, I'll go look at it but I refuse to link to idiocy.

Outrages are coming fast and furious but the latest is the Qana massacre. Scenes of over 50 dead women and children pulled from an targetted house tend to sour most people to what Israel is doing. Most people.

Malkin and her ilk try desperately to paint the Hezbollah resistance as cowards who hide amongst the general population. Since it was only women and children who died at Qana, they have to turn 180 degrees and say the men were all terrorists and out trying to kill Israelis. Bonus - the men are really wimps for leaving their women in danger.

Ynet claims the Lebanese brought invalid kids into the building and killed them for propaganda value.

Atlas Shrugs has pictures of Hezbollah rocket! shrapnel! Claiming little pieces of metal that fly from exploding bombs are proof that Arabs are subhuman beasts. By the way, Pammy at Atlas and Grouchy Old Cripple stress that jewish women soldiers are real babes compared to those mooslims.

At NRO Rich Lowry says Hezbollah is celebrating Qana, while Michael Ledeen can't wait for the fireworks in Syria and Iran, as if Lebanon isn't enough slaughter.

The American Thinker opines that the bodies at Qana that were dug out from pulverised concrete were gray colored, thereby meaning that they had really died several days earlier.

The Bullwinkle blog maintains the fiction that Israel is pure as the driven snow and would never ever target civilians. So take that anti semetism elsewhere, Adolph.

LGF and Limbaugh maintain the photos taken at the destroyed building were staged and rescue workers hauled the same dead little girl around for hours, in and out of the rubble.
Actually this looks like a typical case of a bullshit contention that reverberates around the idiot echo chamber so much it becomes an established fact to the kool aid crowd. It's also a fine example of projection syndrome, where you paint your supposed enemies with your own disorders. Only truly sick people would look at grieving emergency relief workers and think the dead children were props.

It's no wonder we tout a reality based community, I need a shower.


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