Wednesday, September 13, 2006

If You Liked This 9-11; You’ll Love The Next

It's a relief to be past the 9/11 spot on the calendar. I can't call it an anniversary, there's too much celebratory meaning in that word- I prefer remembrance. To the guilty murderers at the helm of this government it's a joyous occasion, although they pretended to be solemn and somber, serious and grim. 9/11 was their euphoric release from the restrictions of law, their intoxicating emancipation from oversight, their best Christmas morning ever. It kickstarted the War on a Generality to enable the theft of a nation.

Which is why the fascists are heavy on the mythologizing and refer to Black Tuesday over and over again.

At this five year milepost they smothered us in smarmy treacle and tried to bring back the glory days of fearfully rallying 'round the flag and stalwart leadership. And you know what? I think people have had it up to here with Bush, his sick , murderous agenda and all the lying pustules that surround him. I also believe that they've taken close notice of how the hypnosis has worn off, how their one trick pony is now so goddamn tiresome. So I'm not the only one that thinks their revulsive message is stagnant and we're going to get another sucker punch to recapture that climate of fear:

"Today’s anniversary of 9-11 promises to be another futile attempt to reengage the public and try to shore-up support. Bush can be expected to invoke the same stale imagery of dusty fireman and smoldering buildings while the bag-pipes wail in the distance. The nation will again be dumped into a bottomless pool of grief in the vain hope that their feelings will reinvigorate the war effort.
It won’t work."


By the way - "Total projected cost of the war per U.S. household, based on a January estimate: $19,600[Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University (N.Y.C.)]"


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