Saturday, October 07, 2006

To Reiterate: Al Qaeda = Phony CIA Scare Machine

When are we going to wake up?

"Al Qaeda" is a mythical booga booga organization that only exists to be used as a weapon by the fascists against the people of America. Apparently not able to find the information in the public domain that proves over and over that we're being lied to on a massive scale, americans choose to stay ignorant and just smile and nod as our country is being destroyed from within.

Repugs and dems are equally responsible for this sham, although the repugs repeatedly vie to be first to lick fascism's boots. AQ now encompasses everything we fear - it's the new and improved communism of the fake cold war period. AQ is this nebulous nightmare that's used as a bludgeon on our heads to keep us in line; if you stray from the fascist agenda it's gonna gitcha.

Recent NY Daily News headline - "Hillary helps Al Qaeda, says her opponent"

"Republican Senate candidate John Spencer accused Sen. Hillary Clinton yesterday of "aiding" Al Qaeda with her demand last August that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resign his post over the Iraq War."

So Clinton, who by the way is sickeningly hawkish about Iraq and Afghanistan, wants at least to dump war criminal Von Rumsfeld.

But no, getting rid of a mass murderer really helps a non existent fascist fantasy.

Repeat endlessly.

It's no wonder the propagandists tried calling this planned destruction of our country the idiotic apellation "The Long War". It's not meant to be won, just like the "War on Drugs" was never meant to be won. It's a scam that was set up all through the 80s and 90s and then put into full blown production on 9/11. Since AQ doesn't actually exist, it can be morphed into whatever the propagandists need. Need to instill more fear? Pull a false flag attack and blame AQ. Need to sway an election? Yank a fake video out of your ass and wave it around. Want to create the illusion you're actually doing something? Blow some people up and call them Al Qaeda.

But don't worry about running out of enemies, just make'em up as you go along.

Back on 9/11, it took only minutes after the first plane hit that the corrupted media began chanting Osama and Al Qaeda endlessly. They had to hammer home this lie while we were all in shock and at our most vulnerable. Fascism needed to establish this phony jeremiad to then exploit it mercilessly right up to the present, to install their authoritarian police state.

What's funny, if you can find humor in this sickness, is that according to Alex Jones, the choice of the term Al Qaeda is a little ironic:

"You have heard before that "Al-Qaeda" roughly translates into "the base," but were you aware that "Ana raicha Al Qaeda" is arabic colloquial for "I'm going to the toilet"?

Are they shitting us?



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