Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Coup d’Etat at Midnight

Felipe Calderon, the thief who stole the Mexican election that took place July 2, opted out of his planned swearing in Dec 1 by having the ceremony behind closed doors in the dark.

Because his opponent, López Obrador, won the popular vote but was denied the victory through fraud and deceit, it's a coup d’etat by any measure of the word. Obrador's supporters vow not to let this situation stand, including many members of the Mexican National Congress which is in full tilt civil war.

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The situation is volatile. With widespread outrage at the stolen election and the rebellion in Oaxaca, expect the incoming thugs to inaugurate their theft with truncheons, bullets and mass arrests. Sneaking into the presidential sash in a furtive midnight ceremony doesn't bode well for the people of Mexico.


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