Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bush is in trouble. Take cover.

Here's the problem we face. Most people just want to get on with their lives. We all have hopes for the future and work hard to live our dreams. Our work drains us, family and friendships take up a lot of energy, the bills need to be paid, we all have health issues. Probably for most people there isn't much time to pay attention to politics.

"Bush is in deep trouble. That means we will have to bear whatever dodge he uses in his attempt to escape accountability. They all duck responsibility the same way. They get a hold on our destinies. They use our lives as foils for the practice of their ideology."

But despotic scumbags have a way about them that won't allow others around them to just live their lives. They're constantly scheming and plotting to insert themselves and their designs into our existence. They're always on the attack, always planning several moves ahead, attempting to keep others confused while they manipulate events.

After 9/11 we know what the criminals are capable of and willing to do. They put the pedal to the metal with their agenda of world control. Now that their orchestrated nightmare is coming under fire from all directions it's an absolute certainty that they will pull another 9/11 on us. Jerry Mazza from Online Journal thinks it will go nuclear this time:

"In fact, the real danger here is that an administration in danger of extinction itself for its wars, its financial bungling, its corruption, its catastrophic Katrina, its trillions in tax cuts for the rich and subsequent debt, its utterly inhumane cuts to social services, in short, its horrible five years . . . the real threat is that this administration will use this go-real nuclear holocaust to blame on Al Qaeda, and get itself off the hook and hanging platform, and elevate national terror into a national state of emergency, eliminating all democracy, with a call for martial law, under Der Bush & Company"

I agree. When the synthetic "terror" event or events happen, it has to set the stage for the US arsenal to unleash it's own nuclear capabilities.

Of course, shilling-for-the-fascists websites like Newsmax and WorldNetDaily have been priming the Al Queda pump for years. Just like in the minutes after 9/11, the controlled media will jump on the Fanatical Muslim angle and sadly most overworked and fearful people will believe it. And we will be manipulated by our own government using our own tax money yet one more time.

Like it or not the politics will be forced down our throats.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Deadly Southern Menace

Good God! There's an outlaw country that's started to enrich uranium!
The government caused tremendous worldwide outrage in 2004 when it refused unrestricted inspections by the International Atomic Energy Association, arguing that providing full access to its state-of-the-art centrifuges would put it at risk of industrial espionage.
Likely story!
It's nuclear program began during a 1964-85 military dictatorship, and the ruling junta had secret plans to test an atomic bomb!
It has the world's 6th largest supply of uranium reserves!
When will we wake up to this menace?


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The New Samizdat

Blah3 has a good observation about of what's been happening to the
media in this country:

"The free press in this country has been utterly destroyed by the Bush administration, and they've done it without taking the usual extraordinary steps that most totalitarian regimes resort to.
When the issue of press freedom has been brought up in the past, a common response from the Right has been along the lines of 'No newspapers are being shut down. No TV networks are being censored. They can still print whatever they want.
'But the point is this - because they have decided to spy on media outlets and they've come right out and told those outlets they were being spied upon, there's no need for them to censor them or shut them down. Because their phones and networks are being watched, media outlets have altered their behavior - and that alone has changed the nature of news reporting whether anyone wants to acknowledge the fact or not.
When a major news daily has to go offline or buy disposable cell phones to work stories - when they have to resort to what the Bush administration describes as terrorist tactics in order to simply get their jobs done - it is no longer an exaggeration to state that free media in this country has been all but extinguished."

It's been a pattern of stealth fascism. They know they can get away with whatever they want if people think they're free. No need for all the clunky, overt trappings of a totalitarian state. Visible repression is always fought; this new fascism is quiet, behind the scenes and injects just enough fear in the right places at the right time for clandestine control.

Of course sometimes a little skull busting goes a long way too.

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Nothing To Do With Actual Border Policy

But a whole lot of grandstanding and posturing for the Great Unwashed.
I get the feeling Sockpuppet was told to go out there and try to placate the rubes by ordering the guard to the border. I also think it didn't work. Any mention of "immigration reform" or "guest worker program" isn't going to please the close-the-border types. He tried to cut the baby in half and all parties concerned are even more pissed at this trainweck.

"Sending troops to the border" sounds fine until you realize they're going to be solely in a support capacity:

"National Guard troops tapped for duty on the border with Mexico will not chase down illegal immigrants but instead will play behind-the-scenes roles in support of border guards, officials said Monday.Among the tasks they are likely to perform over the coming year: training federal Border Patrol guards, building barriers near the border, improving roadways, providing support for aerial and ground surveillance, analyzing and sharing intelligence, and providing communications systems and transportation, the officials said." source.

"Officials suggested their mission would be to play a supporting role by providing intelligence, training, transportation, construction and other functions, while leaving the actual guarding of the 2,000-mile line separating the United States and Mexico to the Border Patrol. The National Guard would be a stopgap force until the federal government could hire civilian contractors to take over administrative and support functions from the Border Patrol, freeing more agents to actually hunt for immigrants slipping into the country." source

After being absent without leave for years concerning this issue, the criminals have finally decided to use it to their advantage without actually doing anthing. They'll get yet more nifty photo ops with lots of uniforms, and no doubt the media will be all over it with great fanfare and lots of help from the DHS. Great campaign videos, you betcha.And here come those plum, no bid contracts for civilian contractors.
Like Halliburton?

Monday, May 15, 2006

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm With Stoopid

Haha - Allan Uthman takes a good look at new white house spokesdroid Tony Snow and comes away somewhat underwhelmed.

"I’m looking forward to watching Tony Snow work as the new White House Press Secretary for a number of reasons. For one, Scott McClellan just wasn’t very good at it. With all his steely-eyed glares and vicious smiles, McClellan just made it look painful, and he never lost the palpable impression of someone who had been promoted to a job he didn’t want because his boss quit, and whose soul was being poisoned by his work. Plus he had the natural charm of a tarantula.
Snow, on the other hand, is a better choice by far. He has a camera-ready smile and his experience as a media shill makes him sympathetic to the press. This makes Fox News’ status as an extension of the White House official. But there’s one fact above all that makes Snow the perfect hire: He’s an idiot.
I don’t mean just that I disagree with Snow on most issues. What I’m saying is, he’s just really stupid. This is a huge plus for him in his new job, just as it was at Fox.
Think about it. One of McClellan’s major drawbacks was his rapid, unemotional delivery of denials and obfuscations, which sent a clear message to reporters and the public: “We both know this is bullshit, but I get paid serious money to say it.”

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jeebus of Asparagus

Oh God, thou art everywhere.

Pulling up an asparagus plant, a guy in London found himself eyeball to eyeball with Our Lord Himself.

Other recent sightings:

1978: Maria Rubio made a burnt tortilla, which resembled the mournful face of Jesus Christ. 8,000 curious pilgrims treked to her house in rural New Mexico to view the sacred icon.

1981: Christ appears, crucified on a garage door in California, caused by reflections from two street lights that had merged with shadows of a bush and a real-estate sign.

1987: Jesus appears on the chimney of a suburban bowling alley in Chicago. The four-foot image is formed from rusting metal.

1989: Thousands flocked to a home in north-east Harris County, Texas, to view a linoleum table top reflecting the image of Jesus.

1991: Jesus made national news as the centerpiece of a Pizza Hut billboard in Atlanta. The image of Jesus' face was found in strands of spaghetti hanging from a fork.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Seperated at Birth?

Swiped from dudehisattva

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Letter From the President of Iran

Just before the invasion and occupation of Iraq, Saddam sent a communique to Bush. I tried hard to find a transcript but failed, and I think that the message was deliberately kept hidden. The scumbags wanted their war and weren't going to allow anything to get in their way, especially rational correspondence which might sway people to recognize the intended enemy's humanity.

It's been translated from farsi into french then into english, but you can grasp the intended message. The propaganda mill has been going into overdrive to discredit this first top level communique between presidents since 1979. It's been denigrated, discounted and dismissed by the scum in Washington and their fawning media whores in their push for war.

Full Text : The President of Iran's Letter To President Bush

Monday, May 08, 2006

West Philadelphia High School Team Build Hybrid Supercars

Has anyone heard about this? I sure didn't. Their vehicles get 50 miles to the gallon and accelerate 0 - 60 in under 4 seconds. If high school students can figure out how to do this then why can't the big auto manufacturers? Or maybe they can, and won't.

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More photos here

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Who's the Rogue Nation?

"The US is the motive force and sometimes the sole perpetrator of all these renegade acts. It is, therefore, truly ironical that this, of all countries, should be seeking to indict Iran for breaking 'The Law’. The sooner other governments recognise that they are living under a tyranny and join together to oppose it, the safer the world will be."

Spot the rogue

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Von Rumsfeld Told He's a Liar

A guy named Ray McGovern who is a 27 year veteran with the Cia grilled the mass murderer in Atlanta. You can see the video here.

It's interesting and heartening to see that the scum are being challenged so much in public. Up to now they've been quite successful in managing their highly polished images. But now that the dam's busted more people are finding their voices.