Friday, June 02, 2006

The US Is Determined To Go To War With Iran

The insane warmongers in Washington will get their war with Iran. It's obvious what's going to happen with this manufactured "crisis".

When the US proposes talks, the entire world knows the farce was meant to fail.

More and more ships are being deployed to the middle east.

But the war criminals have a problem on their hands. With the whole world now aware that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was predetermined to happen and the preliminaries were a phoney stage play, their problem is how to get the fireworks started. And still be able to blame the victim.

The scumbags are running out of time on many fronts. Basically they're losing the propaganda war to Tehran, and with good reason because Iran is well within it's rights to do what it's doing. Nobody is buying the blustering and posturing from psychos like Rice and Bolton. The Iranian oil bourse is coming and trading in euros will threaten the dollar. Coupled with a new Russian market that will trade in rubles the dollar is doomed. It looks like it's only Israel and the US who'll attack Iran as even Britain is turning it's back on a new war. Turkey earlier refused to allow an attack from the Air Force base in Incirlik.

Iran is constantly expanding it's influence worldwide by forming trade alliances with China, Russia and Venezuela. Iran is basically sitting in the catbird seat and needs to do nothing to change the current situation.Even if somehow the US twists arms at the UN to get sanctions approved, one glance at the countries bordering Iran shows just how effective they would be. Just how secure and not porous does anyone think the borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iraq would be?

Given this real world arrangement, if anything ugly happens in the near future, you can bet the farm that Iran will have had nothing to do with it. Just like 9/11, it'll be a synthetic terror event or series of events, courtesy of the fascists who will use it to destroy yet another country in their march toward global domination.
They'll have their war. Only this time the consequences will be enormously filthy.

See also Endgame in Iran.


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