Sunday, October 15, 2006

News Blackout on Major Disaster Near Baghdad

Something very ugly happened late tuesday night at an ammunition depot near Baghdad.
A search of the news doesn't bring much up. A few cursory statements, all basically saying the following, tend to minimize what happened:

ContraCostaTimes - U.S. ammo dump explodes in Baghdad
"BAGHDAD, Iraq - A U.S. ammunition dump on the southeastern edge of Baghdad caught fire late Tuesday, setting off at least a half-dozen thunderous explosions and several smaller ones that rattled windows across the city.
Despite the size of the blasts, no casualties were reported, Spc. Jennifer Fulk, a U.S. military spokeswoman, said early Wednesday. There was no information yet on the cause of the fire, Fulk said."

The exact same report can be found at TrueBlueLiberal, Statesman, McClatchy and other minor news sources, but a search on CNN, CBS, ABC etc turns up nothing.
Reuters has this:
"BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A fire broke out at an ammunition dump at a U.S. base in southern Baghdad on Tuesday night, causing a series of explosions that rocked the capital, the U.S. military said in a statement. "The explosions are from ammunition "cooking off,"" the military said, adding that it had no immediate reports of U.S. casualties."

Apparently this was a gargantuan series of explosions started by a rocket attack on the arsenal, known as Camp Falcon. The place burned and exploded for six hours. According to the Iraqi Resistance Report from Free Arab Voice:
"The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the arsenal, located in the as-Saqr Base in the south of Baghdad is the main supplier of equipment to the US forces. It came under Resistance rocket attack late on Tuesday night. At the time of reporting, mountains of American arms and ammunition were continuing to explode in the sky in a huge fire unprecedented in Baghdad’s history.
The source admitted that dozens of Americans had been killed or wounded in the blasts that were still ripping the American arsenal apart. The source said that the US forces were unable to do anything to stop the massive inferno of flame and explosions that was lighting up the Baghdad sky like fireworks."

From a news forum:
"General al-‘Ithawi said that the Falcon base was the biggest US arsenal in central Iraq and was the launching point for US military operations. The arsenal contained more than 50 tanks; numerous artillery pieces; a landing strip for Chinook helicopters, some of which were parked there when the place exploded; in addition to armories containing weapons and ammunition. He said that all the buildings and furnishings of the base had been totally destroyed, and the archive records of the US troops was completely wiped out."

Other reports have it that there were massive casualties that required five transport planes for evacuation to hospitals. In any case, this was an unprecedented attack that recieved scant attention by the whoring corporate media determined to keep us in the dark about what's really going on with Bush's little crusade.
I found an Arab news broadcast and uploaded it to YouTube. Bear in mind the base is located 11 miles from Baghdad. Notice at about 3:55 into the film what appears to be a small nuke going off.


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