Friday, November 10, 2006

Yo Democrats - Put Up Or Shut Up

From Bob

"Democratic Party talking heads are already out there talking about how the election results are not only the best thing since sliced bread, not only the biggest political event of the last 200 years, but also an abrupt end to everything that the neo-cons stand for.

According to these characters Bush and the neocons were uniquely responsible for the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, the erosion of civil liberties, the legal threats that they claim point in the direction of martial law or fascism, the economic changes that have resulted in the rich getting richer, and all else that's not right with the world.

Okay...then it's put up or shut up time!

Let's see the Democrats rescind the complete Patriot Act. No tinkering around the edges - the whole thing has got to go.

And while they're at it, let's see them dismantle the 1996 Anti-terrorism and pro Death Penalty Act that Clinton signed.

Let's see them restore the right to habeas corpus.

Let's see them end the use of torture by the US military, CIA, private armies paid for with tax dollars, and countries whose governments are under US control."

And a ton of other stuff to rectify the immense damage the corporate scumbags inflicted on us. The one lousy aspect of the startling results we saw the night of Nov. 7 is the spectre of giddy complacency now that the democrats supposedly won. It remains to be seen if they'll reverse the march toward authoritarianism and restore a semblance of a republic.


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