Friday, December 01, 2006

It Adds Up To Dangerously Incompetent

Jeffrey Feldman at Kos read the Deciderer's body language in Amman and it wasn't pretty:

"In his press conference in Amman, President Bush repeated the word "success" over a dozen times in a clear attempt to frame the debate with a message of confidence. But when we pay attention to the staging--to President Bush's posture, tone, and facial expressions--we picked up on the exact opposite of confidence: absolute fear."

The Black Commentator says It Is Time To Ask The Question: Is George Bush Sane?:

"The horrible thought is that we have been taken into and kept in Iraq by a guy who is not quite right in the head. His life has shown elements of lack of balance you know, and other countries have had leaders whom we regarded, or have come to regard, as not quite right in the head for one reason or another. (I really don’t have to mention names, do I?) So why should it be impossible that our national leader, too, is a bit “teched,” as they say, or maybe is more than just a bit “teched.” Refusing to recognize the facts of the world, after all, and instead living in a dream world in one’s head, is not the model definition of sanity."


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