Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The End of the Grand Experiment

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Start of our long struggle.
The above photo shows traitors attempting today to legislate away our inalienable rights as defined by the constitution.
When our republic is restored these criminals will answer for their crimes.

Kurt Nimmo refers to this disgrace by pointing out a certain boot licking gossip columnist:

"The elimination of habeas corpus, a bedrock right going back to 1215 and the Magna Carta, did not even as much as merit a passing mention on the Drudge Report, probably one of the most popular Republican web sites on the internet.
Instead, if we are to believe Drudge, Republicans are interested Madonna going to Africa and adopting babies. The sanctimonious Hillary, who voted for killing habeas corpus with nary a blink, wearing a small diamond-studded cross warrants an all caps link, but the death of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights does not. And oh, incidentally, Matt Drudge feels it is important you know the mother of Chris Rock was discriminated against at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in South Carolina. All the insipid and meaningless news fit to print, but not a word about the end of our once cherished republic.

"And I agree with him, as I've said before, all the efforts by the contemptible scum have been directed towards consolidating their power and setting the stage for eliminating internal opposition to their takover. If anybody thinks that attempting to discard human rights is directed at suspected Muslim terrorists, think again.


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